Monday, March 10, 2014

Seven Months

Seven months old!  You are officially closer to your one year birthday than to the day of your birth!  Your seventh month has had it's ups and downs.  You are sleeping like a champ at night, with just a bit of crying when we first lay you down on occasion.  It certainly isn't the norm, though, and you usually only cry for a short time before you fall asleep.  We are still working on getting you to nap well.  It seems we will have a day or two that is great and then it's back to square one.  You've also been waking up SO early most mornings.  Wake up time is usually around 5:00 or so and you don't seem to be interested in going back to sleep after you eat.  It's been a bit rough.  Mommy has researched every sleep method and sleep expert known to babykind.  Some of the information has been helpful and some not so much.  I know it will get better sooner than later!  Although we're struggling there, you are beginning to slowly warm up to people other than mommy and daddy, so that has been nice.  Here are a few fun things from month seven:
  • First Valentine's Day:  For your first Valentine's Day, Mimi and Papa came over and we got tacos from Fuzzy's.  I believe you ate carrots.  You got a really neat teether from Mimi and Papa that you just love to chew on.
  • First foods: We introduced you to all kinds of baby food this month.  You've had bananas, peaches, apples, pears, plums, prunes, peas, green beans, carrots, squash, and mixed veggies.  You eat all foods equally well, although you seem to really love carrots and "peach cobbler," which is oatmeal cereal with peaches. :)  You also love to munch on puffs, yogurt melts, and mum mums.
  • Raspberries:  You began blowing raspberries all the time this month.  It is really cute!
  • Sounds:  This month, you adopted the phrase "dadada" and say it pretty much exclusively.  And very regularly.  You are quite the talker!
  • Independent play:  You are becoming pretty good at playing by yourself.  You still don't want to do it for very long periods of time, but for a few minutes here and there you can entertain yourself quite well.
Baby girl, we love you so!  To be honest, you are pretty high maintenance, so it's a good thing you're cute!  There isn't much that's sweeter than your smiles and laughter, and your cuddles make the rough times so worth it.  I will love you forever and ever.  I am so thankful the Lord chose me to be your mommy!

And a few more: 
Happy Valentine's Day!

Selfie at her 6 month appointment

Loving the weather and the exersaucer

Bathtime is the best time

Enjoying the premiere of the Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon!

I LOVE this chew toy!

Don't worry about making me any dinner, mom!

Waiting for Mimi and Papa to come over so we can eat!

Sweet girl on a beautiful day

That face

Ready for her drivers license

Just putting on my lipstick.

Spoon stealer

Ice cream is my favorite treat!

Sister wanted to make sure she had enough toys.

Beautiful girl

Monday, February 10, 2014

Ashlynn Six Months

Oh sweet Ashlynn.  What a month!  It's hard to believe you're half a year old already!  This month was a great one with several fun developments.  It also had it's rough moments with the introduction of sleep training.  Up to this point you were a great sleeper.  At the beginning of month six, you went from waking up rarely and just needing the paci to waking up and needing to be picked up, then needing to be nursed, then finally to waking up multiple times a night.  We knew this was nothing more than you getting used to me helping you go back to sleep and we knew we had to do something to fix it.  So, we got rid of the pacifier and swaddle at night and started using the Ferber method to sleep train.  After two nights, you were no longer waking up in the middle of the night.  It's taken a bit longer to get you to stop crying when we initially lay you down for bed, but we are certainly making major progress.  Some nights there is no crying at all and sometimes there is still a bit.  Overall you've done great, though.  Naps have been a different story.  Sleep training hasn't worked as well with naps and we haven't been nearly as consistent with naps.  Still working on that one.  Some days it is hard, but I know that once we're past it, it will seem like it was never that big of a deal.  A few fun things from month six:

  • Second tooth: Ashlynn's second tooth broke through the day after her five month birthday.  She was a couple months earlier on teeth than Emily was.  I also got my first couple of teeth right around 4-5 months, so I guess she's taking after me. :-)
  • Tongue games:  Ashlynn started both sucking on her tongue and sticking out her tongue this month.  Pretty much the cutest thing ever.
  • Sitting up!  This was the big month that she decided to become a sitter.  It was a big day for her because it was also the day she decided to start sticking out her tongue!  She still doesn't roll much, but sitting is her thing.
  • First solid food: We introduced oatmeal cereal on the day before her six month birthday. She loved it!
  • Vomit: Yuck! A couple times this month we've had to deal with vomit in the middle of the night.  She wasn't sick, just overly full from formula supplementing on top of breast milk at bedtime.  We've learned our lesson!
Six month stats: Weight 15 lbs 3.5 oz (31%,) Height 26.97 in (89%,) Head 16.93 in (71%.)  Ashlynn wears six month clothes and has just transitioned to size two diapers.

And a few more pics from this month:
Is there anything cuter?

Right as Emily was accidentally biting her.

Loves to be nakie.

We have a sitter!

And there's that tongue. :)

More tongue!

Driving her car

First time on the church playground

Playing with her toys

Selfie with mommy

Hanging out at Jazzercise

These sisters love each other!

Ready for some yummies!  First time eating solids.

Hanging out with Papa

What a face!


Ashy Kateykins,
We love you so much and are enjoying (almost) every moment with you. :)  Your little smile just lights up the room and you are truly bringing so much joy to our lives every day.  We couldn't love you any more than we do.  We pray every day that the Lord will draw you close to him and that you will know him intimately from a young age and cling to him all of your days.  You are a bright, bright light in this dark world.  We love you little beauty princess!

Friday, January 10, 2014

Five Months

Wow...another month come and gone.  How is our little girl already five months?  We're just trucking along.  This little love is as sweet as can be.  Ashlynn has the most beautiful eyes and precious little smile.  She loves to giggle when her daddy tickles her.  One really wonderful thing about her is that she is a fantastic sleeper!  She goes to bed around 8:00 at night and usually wakes up around 6:30 am.  Every once in awhile she will wake up during the night, but all it takes to get her back to sleep is giving her the paci.  She also usually starts waking up around 5:00 am, but again, once she gets the paci she'll go back to sleep for about an hour and a half or so.  The only negative thing about her sleep is that she has this 30 minute internal timer and literally wakes up at 30 minutes on the dot every single time she goes down for a nap.  She used to go back to sleep once I gave her the paci, but not so much anymore.  Ashlynn eats about every three to four hours and is getting some seriously chunky little legs on her.  She's still solely breast fed.  This month she seems to finally be tolerating others more.  And when I say "others," I mean my parents.  That's still about it.  She is definitely choosy on who she gives her love to!  Every once in awhile she will surprise us and let someone else hold her, but it's pretty rare.  I have to admit that I'm ready for her to outgrow that little issue.  She certainly can be a big high-maintenance, but overall, we can't complain!  While she has her challenging moments, she is such a precious little girl.  We are so blessed by this perfect gift from God.

 A few fun highlights from this month:
  • Teeth: We have a tooth!  Her bottom right tooth broke through the gums on January 5th.  The one next to it should come through any day now.  It's almost there.
  • Feet:  Ashlynn has finally found her feet and loves grabbing them and playing with them.  It's pretty much the cutest thing ever.
  • Rolling over: She rolled over for the first time this month.  She can go from front to back pretty well, but she only does it when she wants to.  She also rolled from back to front once, but it's never happened since.
  • Christmas: We got to experience Ashlynn's first Christmas this year and it was wonderful!  She didn't mind meeting Santa one bit and loved all of the fun holiday festivities.  Christmas Day was when she really started letting people other than us handle her.  In fact, she let my Uncle Andy hold her for quite awhile!  She got a fun little red car from Santa and will be able to play in it as soon as she can sit up on her own. :)  She got to have Christmas with us at home as well as both of my parents' sides of the family.

No measurements for this month since we didn't have a doctor's visit, but she wears size 1 diapers and 3 months in clothes.

And a few more pictures from this month:

Looking impressed by the awesome Christmas outfit

Cute hat on a cute girl

Taking a ride with Sissy

A little tummy time

First trip to the zoo!

Reading a story with sister


A little jungle gym time

Christmas cutie

First time in the exersaucer

"Mom, should we be worried that there's a huge bear behind us?"

Precious little love

Unimpressed by something

Sister picture