Monday, March 10, 2014

Seven Months

Seven months old!  You are officially closer to your one year birthday than to the day of your birth!  Your seventh month has had it's ups and downs.  You are sleeping like a champ at night, with just a bit of crying when we first lay you down on occasion.  It certainly isn't the norm, though, and you usually only cry for a short time before you fall asleep.  We are still working on getting you to nap well.  It seems we will have a day or two that is great and then it's back to square one.  You've also been waking up SO early most mornings.  Wake up time is usually around 5:00 or so and you don't seem to be interested in going back to sleep after you eat.  It's been a bit rough.  Mommy has researched every sleep method and sleep expert known to babykind.  Some of the information has been helpful and some not so much.  I know it will get better sooner than later!  Although we're struggling there, you are beginning to slowly warm up to people other than mommy and daddy, so that has been nice.  Here are a few fun things from month seven:
  • First Valentine's Day:  For your first Valentine's Day, Mimi and Papa came over and we got tacos from Fuzzy's.  I believe you ate carrots.  You got a really neat teether from Mimi and Papa that you just love to chew on.
  • First foods: We introduced you to all kinds of baby food this month.  You've had bananas, peaches, apples, pears, plums, prunes, peas, green beans, carrots, squash, and mixed veggies.  You eat all foods equally well, although you seem to really love carrots and "peach cobbler," which is oatmeal cereal with peaches. :)  You also love to munch on puffs, yogurt melts, and mum mums.
  • Raspberries:  You began blowing raspberries all the time this month.  It is really cute!
  • Sounds:  This month, you adopted the phrase "dadada" and say it pretty much exclusively.  And very regularly.  You are quite the talker!
  • Independent play:  You are becoming pretty good at playing by yourself.  You still don't want to do it for very long periods of time, but for a few minutes here and there you can entertain yourself quite well.
Baby girl, we love you so!  To be honest, you are pretty high maintenance, so it's a good thing you're cute!  There isn't much that's sweeter than your smiles and laughter, and your cuddles make the rough times so worth it.  I will love you forever and ever.  I am so thankful the Lord chose me to be your mommy!

And a few more: 
Happy Valentine's Day!

Selfie at her 6 month appointment

Loving the weather and the exersaucer

Bathtime is the best time

Enjoying the premiere of the Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon!

I LOVE this chew toy!

Don't worry about making me any dinner, mom!

Waiting for Mimi and Papa to come over so we can eat!

Sweet girl on a beautiful day

That face

Ready for her drivers license

Just putting on my lipstick.

Spoon stealer

Ice cream is my favorite treat!

Sister wanted to make sure she had enough toys.

Beautiful girl