Friday, November 15, 2013

Three Months!

Our little Ashlynn is three months old and we are loving life!  This month was a great one with just a few moments of roughness here and there.  She is just getting sweeter and sweeter by the day although she is still quite the mommy's girl.  Ashlynn doesn't fuss much at long as she is with me.  If someone else gets ahold of her, it's a different story!  We had an exciting month and did all kinds of fun things.  I started back to Jazzercise this month which has helped us begin to establish a schedule.  I get the girls up every morning at around 7:00, get Emily dressed and ready for the day and then get breakfast for Emily and feed Ashlynn.  On MWF, we go to Jazzercise and on TR, we head to pre-school.  Throughout the rest of the day each day, we run errands, visit family, play with friends, nap, and get dinner ready for when Daddy comes home.  It's a fun little life we're living and I am so thankful to be with my girls each and every day.  We still haven't begun a nap schedule, but that will be happening soon.  Here are a few highlights of our month:
  • Sleeping:  This month Ashlynn started sleeping through the night without waking up to feed.  She also got to a point where she was being disturbed when Lucas and I woke up in the morning to get ready, so we decided it was time to make a move to her...
  • Big girl bed: We moved Ashlynn out of our room and into her crib this month.  It was a terrible experience with Emily, so we made sure to do it earlier with Ashlynn.  So far, it has been smooth sailing.  She has been a wonderful sleeper from day one, but since she's been in her crib, she's been even better.  I've heard rumors of a four month wakeful period, but we're praying against that. :)  She sleeps swaddled, on her back, with no pacifier.  I put her down around 10:00 and she is up around 7:00.
  • First babysitter:  Ashlynn got to go with big sister to Mimi and Papa's for the evening so Mommy and Daddy could go celebrate Mommy's birthday.
  • First State Fair visit: This month Ashlynn got to go to the great State Fair of Texas and meet Big Tex!  We had a FUN time!
  • First pumpkin patch: The Sunday before Halloween we went to Hall's Pumpkin Patch to take some pictures, pet some farm animals, eat some kettle corn, and just enjoy the lovely Texas Fall.
  • First road trip: Ashlynn took her first road trip this month to east Texas for our friend Carrigan's birthday party.  She also got to meet Carrigan's little brother, Caleb, born exactly one week after little miss.

Ashy Kate,
It's hard to believe you could love a little person as much as we love you, but somehow, you can.  You are so precious to us, more than we could have ever asked for.  I love being your mommy and I love that I am your very favorite!  I pray every night that the Lord would capture your heart at a young age and that you would cling to him all the days of your life.  You are a precious gift from him and he is going to use you in mighty ways.  We love you, sweetheart!

Nakie baby

Blue Steel

Riding in style at the great State Fair of Texas

Just working on her modeling portfolio

Snuggle bunny

Say cheese!

Waving to her adoring fans

Who needs a paci when you've got a thumb?

Hanging out at the "Ice Cream Place"

Plum tuckered out

Baby blues

Her sister adores her...what's not to love?

Butterfly baby