Emily's Firsts

**Emily's First Year**


8/19 Birthday!
8/20 First Hiccups
8/22 Came Home
8/23 First Sponge Bath
8/24 First Doctor's Appointment
8/26 Newborn Photo Shoot
8/72 First visit to Papa and Mimi's
8/29 Lost umbilical cord

9/01 First Restaurant Visit
9/03 First Shopping Trip
9/04 First Church Service
9/07 First Bath
9/20 First Bottle
9/27 First Rollover (fluke)

10/01 Attended first birthday party
10/02 Baby Dedication at Church
10/02 Began Smiling Regularly
10/08 Slept through the night
10/13 State Fair of Texas visit
10/16 (8 weeks) Began cooing regularly

11/04 (11 weeks) Began chewing on hands
11/11 Began grabbing feet
11/20 Began grasping/holding toys
11/26 Began sitting in Bumbo unassisted

12/01 Began laughing regularly
12/05 First time in exersaucer
12/20 Began reaching for things
12/23 Began rolling both ways regularly
12/27 First night in crib

01/03 First Rice Cereal
01/11 Found fingernails- began scratching on surfaces
01/13 Started sucking on her tongue and smacking
01/21 Started sticking out her tongue
01/23 First stomach bug :(
01/24 First banana

02/02 Began cry-it-out for bedtime
02/06 First avocado
02/07 First Tooth emerges
02/11 Second Tooth emerges
02/12 First sweet potatoes
02/20 First time to leave Texas
02/26 First time in the church nursery
02/26 First squash

03/02 First Peaches
03/04 First solid poop. :)
03/19 First boo-boo
03/21 Began rocking on hands/knees
03/31 First car accident

04/09 Began waving indiscriminately
04/09 First fever- 103.9
04/11 Top left tooth emerges
04/14 Crawling!
04/15 Pulling up to standing in crib
04/16 Top right tooth emerges
04/21 Began refusing all but morning breast feedings
04/23 Pulling up all over the place!
04/23 Feeding herself with pincer grasp (puffs)

05/3 Top left lateral incisor
05/6 Top right lateral incisor
05/16 Began finger foods (cantaloupe, cheese)
05/17 Bottom right lateral incisor
05/24 First swim

06/07 Bottom left lateral incisor
06/07 First trip to Ohio/airplane
06/09 Began waving on command
06/17 First time in the ocean (Destin, FL)

07/8 Learned how to "Give Me Five"
07/10 Began clicking tongue
07/11 First bloody injury- busted lip/chin

08/09 Began clapping
08/13 First steps

**Emily's Second Year**


Top left molar (8/20)
Began clapping for herself
Plays peek-a-boo with blanket over head
Started drinking cow's milk
Weaned down to evening bottle only
Began giving kisses ALOT
Started signing "all done"

Top right molar (9/6)
Discovered peanut butter
Loves to "sing" with mommy
Plays peek-a-boo by covering her own eyes
Began dancing/swaying
Started walking for real
Makes kissy noises
Started signing "more"

Right and left bottom molars (10/1)
Brought me a book to read to her for the first time (she typically can't sit still long enough)
Learned to sign "please" (10/23)
Turned car seat around (10/27)
Left Canine (10/30)
First Trick-or-Treating (10/31)

Right Canine

First hair trim (11/19)
Says cheese for the camera
Sometimes will eat meat and loves to dip chips

Cut bottom canines (12/1)
Pooped in the bathtub (12/5)
Began saying quite a few words

Words keep coming...probably around 50 at this point.
Can say many animal sounds
Began attending mother's day out

Said her first sentence- "I do a poopoo." (3/31)
Said "love you" (3/31)

Began saying "I love you" regularly- I luh loo.

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