Friday, April 27, 2012

Emily's First Sickness

Before we realized that she was really sick!
As you probably saw in the Easter post, Emily came down with a little sickness a couple of weeks ago.  We noticed the night before Easter that she seemed a bit warm, so we took her temp and it was 100.8.  We just attributed it to teething because her top two were working their way in.  The next morning we were off our normal schedule due to worship team, so she didn't get her nap.  She did, however, lay in her carrier the entire time we were rehearsing, which is totally not normal for her.  She is a girl on the go!  She was fussy in the nursery and felt very warm when I picked her up.  Again, I just thought it was due to teeth and also snuggling with one of the ladies in the nursery.  During lunch at my aunt and uncle's house, I could tell she was not feeling good at all.  She felt really warm, but for some reason, I didn't take her temp.  I just gave her some Tylenol and held her while she slept on my chest.  When we got home, we put her down for a nap, and she seemed okay, although definitely not her normal self.

I was off school the next day, so we had a whole day to be together.  She seemed pretty happy, but when she woke up from her afternoon nap, she felt extremely warm, so I took her temp and it was 103.8.  She didn't have any symptoms, but since it was the first time for a high fever, we called the doctor, who told us to bring her in the next morning.  When we got to the doctor's office on Tuesday, she was acting completely normal and had no fever at all.  Of course.  The doctor could find nothing wrong and told us that it was most likely a fever virus.  That night it spiked again and again the next day, as well.  I was so torn between taking her back to the doctor for blood tests and just waiting it out a bit longer.  On Wednesday afternoon, I talked to our wonderful Chiropractor and we decided to bring her in for an adjustment and wait one more night before taking her back to the doctor for further testing.  We took her in around 5:00 to be adjusted and headed back home.  As we were getting ready to put her to bed, Lucas prayed that God would cool our little girl down.  Not ten minutes later, her fever broke! 

Keeping our little girl comfortable
The next morning, her symptoms began and she got very snotty and began coughing quite a bit whenever she was laying down.  We raised one end of her crib, ran the humidifier, and sucked aLOT of snot out of her nose. She stayed home with us the rest of the week just to make sure she was totally well.  By Monday, she was mostly back to normal and we were able to take her back to Mrs. Leslie.

Although I hated to see my little girl miserable and it was difficult for both of us, it was so nice to be able to be there with her and snuggle with her when she needed me.  I am so thankful and aware of how blessed we are to have such a healthy baby.  I thank God every day for the blessing of Emily and for her good health!

Monday, April 23, 2012

Emily's First Easter

Emily's first Easter wasn't quite what we expected it to be, but we will certainly remember it!  We got together the night before with my parents and Chuck and Abby for our little family's Easter celebration.  We ate a yummy dinner and then went outside for Emily's first Easter egg hunt.  Her eggs were filled with puffs and money and she had a good time picking them up, shaking them, and chewing on them.  Towards the end of the evening, she began getting a little fussy (possibly due to the fact that Uncle Chuck accidentally bit her,) but we thought it was just a fluke.  She had a very mild fever, which we thought was just due to teeth.

Another reason we did Easter on Saturday night is because we knew Sunday would be rough.  We were leading worship at church on Sunday, which means Emily doesn't get a morning nap.  As expected, she didn't get her nap, and although she was being super sweet and easy, she wasn't quite being her normal self.  After church, we headed to our traditional Easter lunch with Dad's side of the family.  She wasn't feeling good at all by the time we got there and spent the majority of the afternoon snuggling with us.  It also turned out to be a very rainy day, so we were happy we did the hunt the night before. 

Here are a few pictures to document Emily's first Easter.  The pictures in her dress were actually taken a couple weeks after Easter because we weren't able to get any on Easter Sunday.

So happy to be hunting for eggs!

What's in this one?

So cute!

Almost got it!

Our little family

With Uncle Chuck and Aunt Abby (cousin Oliver is in there, too!)

Looking traumatized with Mimi and Papa.  They LOVE their girl!

Snuggling on Easter Sunday.

Some of our "Easter Bunny" loot

Easter photoshoot two weeks late

Sweet girl

Beautiful girl

Emmy and Mommy

Emmy and Daddy

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Eight Months

Our girl is eight months old!  This month was absolutely the most eventful overall month so far.  Some of those events have been great and some not so great.  Regardless, we made it through together, our little family of three.  Each day again I am reminded how blessed we are to have been given such a perfect little angel to love and care for.  I will never quit being thankful to the Lord for our sweet baby girl.  This little girl loves life and just spends her days smiling and laughing.  Here are a few happenings from month eight:
  • Crawling: Just a couple days after her seven month birthday, Emily began getting up on her hands and knees and rocking.  Exactly three weeks later, she was full on crawling.  Our girl is all over the place, and we don't know what to do with her or ourselves!
  • Waving: Emily is constantly waving, and towards the end of the month, she seemed to began realizing that you are supposed to wave at other people and she does it occasionally, mostly on her own time rather than when we tell her to.
  • Laughing: This month Emily began REALLY belly laughing.  She gets so tickled at certain things we do.  There isn't much sweeter than that laugh, especially when she can't seem to stop.
  • First sickness: Emily had her first real sickness this month with a high fever and a whole week at home with mom and dad.  We never got a for sure diagnosis, but it seemed to be some kind of cold virus or something similar.  The fever lasted for several days and once it broke, she got very snotty and began coughing alot.  The humidifier became our good friend!  She was pretty much recovered after about a week.
  • First Easter: Unfortunately, Easter was a rough day since that was when the sickness began rearing its ugly head, but we were able to celebrate a good bit the night before.
  • First car accident: Not a fun event at all, but we were so blessed that it was so minor!
  • More teeth: We got both of our top front teeth during month eight and the top teeth three and four are on their way to breaking through, as well!
  • Crib changes:  This month, we had to lower Emily's crib twice!  First she learned to sit up in her crib, then she learned to stand up.  It won't be long before our little girl is in her toddler bed!  I don't want that to happen!
  • Kisses:  When you get up in her face and make kissy noises, she opens her mouth WIDE to give her own kisses!
  • Talking:  This month, she has spent most of her time saying "Dadadadadadada."
This month, Emily is measuring in at 18 lbs 12 oz (65th %,) is about 30 inches long (95+%,) and I haven't had a chance to measure her head yet.  Soon!  She wears a size 2 diaper and clothes are 6-9 months.

Funny faces:

Sweet girl, you continue to be a joy to our lives and I know that will never change.  We love watching you grow and seeing your personality truly begin to emerge.  Your laugh is the sweetest sound I've ever heard.  We can't wait for you to wake up each morning and look forward to watching you grow strong in the Lord!

Beauty in the bluebonnets
Crawling around!

First Easter Egg hunt
Family picture on Easter Eve
Our girl in her Easter dress
Snuggling with a sick baby

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Emily's First Car Accident

After we took bluebonnet pictures on Saturday morning, March 31, the three of us headed to breakfast at La Madeleine.  It was yummy as usual and we had a great time together.  About 9:00, we were headed back home to put Emily down for a nap when we were hit by an 18 wheeler.  Thankfully it wasn't bad enough to injure any of us or total our car, but it was still scary.  Long story short, we were turning left in a double turn lane.  The truck was a little bit in front of us in the outside turning lane and we were coming up to turn in the inside turning lane.  Apparently Mr. Truck Driver either didn't know how to drive a truck, wasn't paying attention, or just didn't care, and turned from the outside turning lane into the inside lane, creaming us with the back of the trailer as he did it.  I remember seeing the truck coming over, telling Lucas to watch out, and screaming as the truck began hitting/scraping against us.  It almost ran us off the road and into a guardrail.  We were so blessed that it just got my door, missing Emily's by about an inch.  If it had gotten her door, it likely would've shattered her window (like mine) and she could've been covered in glass. 

The good news is that the truck driver was (obviously) found to be at fault, so we aren't out any money in the long run, although we had to pay our deductible up front.  We finally got our car back today after two and a half weeks in the shop, and I have never been more thankful for my sweet little Highlander.  We're just waiting now for a refund on the deductible and hopefully this whole thing will be behind us.  Thank you Toyota for making such a great car that held up well!

My poor car   
The door was basically pulled off the frame.  Yes, that's the lovely truck driver in the background.
The glass shattered and rolled in on itself, although there was also quite a bit on me and in the floorboard.