Monday, April 23, 2012

Emily's First Easter

Emily's first Easter wasn't quite what we expected it to be, but we will certainly remember it!  We got together the night before with my parents and Chuck and Abby for our little family's Easter celebration.  We ate a yummy dinner and then went outside for Emily's first Easter egg hunt.  Her eggs were filled with puffs and money and she had a good time picking them up, shaking them, and chewing on them.  Towards the end of the evening, she began getting a little fussy (possibly due to the fact that Uncle Chuck accidentally bit her,) but we thought it was just a fluke.  She had a very mild fever, which we thought was just due to teeth.

Another reason we did Easter on Saturday night is because we knew Sunday would be rough.  We were leading worship at church on Sunday, which means Emily doesn't get a morning nap.  As expected, she didn't get her nap, and although she was being super sweet and easy, she wasn't quite being her normal self.  After church, we headed to our traditional Easter lunch with Dad's side of the family.  She wasn't feeling good at all by the time we got there and spent the majority of the afternoon snuggling with us.  It also turned out to be a very rainy day, so we were happy we did the hunt the night before. 

Here are a few pictures to document Emily's first Easter.  The pictures in her dress were actually taken a couple weeks after Easter because we weren't able to get any on Easter Sunday.

So happy to be hunting for eggs!

What's in this one?

So cute!

Almost got it!

Our little family

With Uncle Chuck and Aunt Abby (cousin Oliver is in there, too!)

Looking traumatized with Mimi and Papa.  They LOVE their girl!

Snuggling on Easter Sunday.

Some of our "Easter Bunny" loot

Easter photoshoot two weeks late

Sweet girl

Beautiful girl

Emmy and Mommy

Emmy and Daddy

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  1. HAHAHAHA Just decided to check your website and just now read the Easter story. Still can't believe he bit her. :-) Love the pics of her in her Easter dress! What a cutie!