Thursday, April 10, 2014

Eight Months

Oh wow.  What a difference a month makes.  We finally have made some progress in the early morning and nap situation.  And the church said, "Amen!"  Truly, this month it is like a switch has just flipped.  You've always been a sweet baby, but in addition to the sleeping changes, this month you have just become so happy and sociable.  I'm pretty sure, though, that the happiness is a result of you finally getting more sleep.  I've always loved you, sweet girl, but I feel like I am finally beginning to really be able to enjoy you.  You did have a few milestones this month, but the biggest thing I'm celebrating is that your sleep/wake schedule has become normal!

  • First time to swing: This month, Daddy built a swingset/playhouse for you and sister.  We put your baby swing on it for you and a regular swing for sissy.  You love to spend time in your swing! 
  • First time in high chair, grocery cart, stroller: We got brave this month and started taking you out of your carseat and bumbo in exchange for big girl options.  You moved to the high chair for meals, but you aren't crazy about it.  You still prefer to be in the bumbo or held.  Restaurants, however, are another story.  You love to be in a high chair there!  Same for grocery carts and your stroller.
  • Teeth: This month, you got tooth number three!  Your top right tooth came through and the left one isn't far behind.
  • Mobility: You have finally made some headway with rolling and just spending time on the floor in general.  It's not that you couldn't do it.  You could.  You just didn't want to.  Why roll when you can cry and your mommy will do it for you?  Now, though, you are beginning to roll more and are tolerating time on your tummy much better.  I don't think you quite enjoy it yet, but at least you will lay there for a few minutes at a time.  You are also really pulling up when holding onto my hands.  You prefer being on your feet to any other position!
  • Sleeping on tummy: You really perfected the back to tummy roll in your crib.  Once you did, you began flipping to your tummy pretty much every time I laid you down, and you would go right to sleep.  This, I believe, was actually the turning point for better napping and longer morning sleep.  It also enabled you to get to your pacifier, which you now can find with ease.  Life is so much better now!  You are finally sleeping to 6:00 or 6:30 most mornings and usually will take a decent morning nap, with your mid day and afternoon naps still being fairly short.
  • Socializing: You are finally coming around and letting more people hold you.  This month you've been happy to go to most of your family and every once in awhile other people, too.
Oh Ashy Kate, you have just become the sweetest, happiest little girl.  We are so thankful to God every single day for the beautiful, amazing gift he has given us in you.  We love you, baby girl!

And a few highlights from this month:
Hanging out with Daddy

Sweetest tongue ever

First time in the stroller sans car seat

Having fun with Mimi in the backyard

First time in a restaurant high chair- La Hacienda Ranch

I can feed myself, Mommy!

Finally found something to make tummy time bearable.

Fun with sissy in the grocery cart.

Mommy's shopping buddy 

Family movie night!  Pizza and Frozen.

Sweet little love

"Picnic" lunch

Doing the happy dance

Standing up by herself!

Daddy's girl

Bathing beauties

Dinner date with Daddy

Look at that face!

Ashy loves Grandpa

And Grandma, too!
Practicing her Sing Song Face!

Sweet sisters