Friday, December 13, 2013

Four Months!

Wow!  What a difference a month makes!  Month four has been a month of leaps and bounds...or maybe just giggles and coos.  Either way, it has been amazing to see the growth, changing, and reaching developmental milestones that have taken place over the past month.  Months two and three were mostly good, but a bit on the rough side.  Month two saw lots of fussiness due to what we think might have been tummy issues and month three saw the unveiling of the "Mommy's Girl" monster!  Month four, however, has been pretty great!  Ashlynn is finally letting other people hold her (some) and has decided that she likes her daddy after all.  For most of the third month, I was the only one who could hold her, but now she loves it when Daddy holds long as he is giving her his undivided attention!  She has been happy most of the time this month, with the exception of a couple Sunday mornings when Mimi wasn't at church due to her knee surgery.  Poor Grandma had to work overtime those mornings trying to get Ashlynn to not scream her head off while Lucas and I were leading worship!  Check out a few of Ashlynn's milestones this month:

  • Singing: A few times this month when I was singing to/with Emily, Ashlynn would start singing along with me.  I don't remember Emily doing this at all, but it really sounds like Ashlynn is trying to join in.  Fingers crossed that she'll be very musically inclined!
  • Talking: Ashlynn has started really babbling alot this month.  In the last week, especially, she has started adding in some consonant sounds that actually sound like she is trying to make words.  Of course we know she isn't, but it's fun to hear her add more sounds to her repertoire.
  • Laughing: We have started for real laughing this month!  Mostly it's just giggles, but Daddy has been known to evoke some major belly laughs during tickle time.  She smiles and giggles tons and it's just the cutest thing ever!  I feel like our somewhat high-maintenance girl is finally getting into the swing of things and having more fun with life in general.
  • Tummy time: I'm still the worst mom ever when it comes to enforcing tummy time, but the past few times we've done it, it's been much less painful.  She is finally able to raise up high enough to prop her arms underneath her and stay in a head at 90 degrees position, which is much more enjoyable to her.  It's amazing how quickly they go from barely holding their head off the ground to head up and looking around.  Still no rolling on her own yet, but we aren't far off.
  • Standing up: Ashlynn has really started bearing weight on her legs and trying to stand up this month (when we're holding her, of course.)  She loves to be in the upright position!
  • Sitting/crunches: The majority of the time she is on her back, she is crunching her abs and pulling up her head, as if she is trying to sit up.  Sitting certainly isn't far off!
  • Bumbo: We've started sitting in the Bumbo the last week and she really feels like a big girl when she's in it.
  • Reaching: These past few weeks, Ashlynn has been loving her rattles and has even started reaching for them when held within reach.  She loves it when we put them on her Bumbo tray, where she can just pick them up and rattle to her heart's content.  
  • Grasping: Ashlynn has really begun grabbing on to her lambie that's attached to her pacifier.  She will also pull the paci out, then try to put it back in.  She usually ends up with part of the lamb in her mouth.
  • Drool: Just like Emily's fourth month, Ashlynn has become a little drooly monster.  Lots and lots of it!  And lots of blowing bubbles, too!
  • Eating: She eats about every four hours if we're out and about, but at home, she's pretty demanding.  Three hours between feedings tops, but usually more like 2.5 hours.
  • First Thanksgiving: Ashlynn got to celebrate her first Thanksgiving two days in a row, with both Mimi and Papa's sides of the family.  She was a bit overwhelmed with all the people, but still had a pretty good day both days.
Sweet Ashlynn,
You are our precious love and we can't even remember life without you.  We thank God everyday for giving you to us.  We love you, baby!

This month's stats: Weight- 13.5 lbs (34th %,) Height- 26.1inches (97th %,) Head- 16.54 inches (87th %)

And a few more fun pictures from this month:
Wrinkled nose and stuck out tongue.  Anything cuter than this?

Precious baby.

Sweet smiles

Happy girl

First bath together

Sisters on Thanksgiving

Playing on the floor

Standing up already!

A little tummy time

First time in the bumbo...I think she likes it!
Her new trick

Sweet girl in a sweet hat

With her big sissy
Waving with her fist. :)

Happy little elf girl