Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Emily's First Car Accident

After we took bluebonnet pictures on Saturday morning, March 31, the three of us headed to breakfast at La Madeleine.  It was yummy as usual and we had a great time together.  About 9:00, we were headed back home to put Emily down for a nap when we were hit by an 18 wheeler.  Thankfully it wasn't bad enough to injure any of us or total our car, but it was still scary.  Long story short, we were turning left in a double turn lane.  The truck was a little bit in front of us in the outside turning lane and we were coming up to turn in the inside turning lane.  Apparently Mr. Truck Driver either didn't know how to drive a truck, wasn't paying attention, or just didn't care, and turned from the outside turning lane into the inside lane, creaming us with the back of the trailer as he did it.  I remember seeing the truck coming over, telling Lucas to watch out, and screaming as the truck began hitting/scraping against us.  It almost ran us off the road and into a guardrail.  We were so blessed that it just got my door, missing Emily's by about an inch.  If it had gotten her door, it likely would've shattered her window (like mine) and she could've been covered in glass. 

The good news is that the truck driver was (obviously) found to be at fault, so we aren't out any money in the long run, although we had to pay our deductible up front.  We finally got our car back today after two and a half weeks in the shop, and I have never been more thankful for my sweet little Highlander.  We're just waiting now for a refund on the deductible and hopefully this whole thing will be behind us.  Thank you Toyota for making such a great car that held up well!

My poor car   
The door was basically pulled off the frame.  Yes, that's the lovely truck driver in the background.
The glass shattered and rolled in on itself, although there was also quite a bit on me and in the floorboard.


  1. SO scary! I'm so glad y'all are all okay. Oh dear!

  2. Good to hear that nothing bad happen to all of you, especially Emily. The door of the passenger seat looks awful! Based on the picture, I think the accident is really the truck driver’s fault. Good thing you snapped some shots of it. Anyway, take care and have a safe ride with your sweet little Highlander.

  3. It’s good to know that you did not have difficulties with regard to the compensation process, and that you guys were proven innocent. The car accident was kind of traumatizing, and I think the fact that you did not have problems with the very long processes is a good thing. It can definitely help you guys with the recovery. Hmm. Did you hire a lawyer to fix your documents, or did you guys fix everything yourselves?

    Amy Baron

  4. Seeing the effect of the crash on your car, I can sense that it was a severe accident. I’m also glad that no one was hurt. I remember the long process of court trials when I was hit by another car. It was very stressful and I’m glad that you didn’t experience that. I just hope that you’re okay by now and already enjoying your road trips again.

    : Cindie Guevara