Thursday, January 13, 2011

Since you've heard about our first appointment from Lucas's point of view, I figured now I'd share my feelings about it. He was definitely right in saying that I was nervous. Most of the day I'd managed to not really think about it because I was so busy, but by the time we arrived, I was extremely nervous. We got there early and they were a little bit late in calling us back, so I felt like we were waiting forever. Every minute that passed, I got more and more nervous. I just kept praying that the baby would be healthy and repeating something that has helped me through many moments of fear and uncertainty- "I found Him faithful yesterday. He will not be unfaithful today."

When the nurse finally called us back, she was very sweet and definitely helped me to feel a little bit better. I warned her that my blood pressure would probably be high because I was so nervous. It was a little high, but not too bad. I tend to have white coat syndrome anyway, so I wasn't surprised. After we talked with her for a bit, the doctor came in to do the ultrasound. She had a hard time finding the baby at first because my bladder was too full. I got even more nervous when that happened, but soon she found it and assured me that everything sounded good. She did tell me to run to the restroom, though, so that we could get some better pictures of the baby. After that, we were able to see it perfectly. It was really amazing and so reassuring to know that everything was just how it should be.

After the ultrasound, I had to go do bloodwork, which I was also dreading. My superhero name would probably be something along the lines of The Incredible Unbleedable Girl. I make those people work hard for their money when it's time to draw blood from me. Typically, my blood must be drawn from my left hand using a butterfly needle, and I always tell them that immediately. She looked at both elbows and both hands, plus the sides of my arms for about five minutes. She finally tried one elbow, but nothing. She moved to the other one and after moving the needle around for awhile, found a good vein. I was so thankful, because I was starting to think we weren't going to get any! The doctor said we would receive a call on Thursday if anything came back that I needed to take meds for. We never heard anything, so that was good news!

We are very excited that everything seems to be going perfectly so far. Please keep praying for us, that the baby will continue to form perfectly and will be healthy, and that I stay healthy as well. We love you all!

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  1. I remember that nervous feeling and one night I was sitting in what would be the nursery before a dr. appt. the next day and my mind was flooded with "what ifs?" All at once, God flooded me with peace and impressed on me that a better thing to dwell on would be "what if everything is just as it should be tomorrow?" "what if everything is A-Okay?" It was a turning point for me. Kelly