Thursday, January 6, 2011

We've already been back to work for several days now and I'm counting down the days until our next break! We have MLK day and the day after off, so I'll be very thankful for that four-day weekend in a little over a week. It's always rough getting back into the swing of things after a long break. I'm so thankful for the job that I have, though. It's going to be much easier on me being pregnant with this position than if I were still teaching Kindergarten. At least with this job, I get to spend a decent amount of time at my desk.

I've told a couple people at work about the baby and they've all been so excited. I immediately told my principal, because I had to make sure that I could get time off for doctor appointments. He is so wonderful about things like that. He told me I could leave early for appointments any time I need to without having to take time off. That will be so helpful since I want to save up all of the days I have for when the baby arrives. I've also told my assistant/right hand that works with me every day and the counselor, who is one of my best friends at work. Lucas also told a couple of his work friends. It is so very hard to keep this a secret, but we do want to keep it as quiet as possible until at least twelve weeks. Next Wednesday we go to the doctor, so once we find out for sure that everything looks perfect, we may tell a few of our good friends at church.

I figured out that if the baby comes at the time we are expecting, my twelve weeks will be over the Friday before Thanksgiving break. This is just perfect because I'll get one more week for Thanksgiving, then only have to work three weeks before a two week Christmas break. Even if I have to be out from work for bed rest, etc, my twelve weeks still doesn't start until the baby is born. If the baby comes before school starts, my twelve weeks doesn't start until school starts, so that works out perfectly.

I'm still feeling really good overall. I'm still a little bit tired, but not like I was at the very beginning. I mostly feel tired now after accomplishing tasks where I have to give a little extra effort. I do get nauseous every morning for just a few minutes, but it passes pretty quickly. I still get nauseous at the thoughts of certain foods, but if I just don't think about them, I don't have to worry about it. The problem is just that when you try not to think about a certain thing, you almost always think about it! Hopefully that will pass soon. I know I have been so fortunate to not be sick, and even when I do feel sick, I'm just so thankful for it. All of the sickness just reassures me that we have a sweet baby growing inside of me and I am praising the Lord for that every day!

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