Friday, July 15, 2011

34 Weeks

I'm 34 weeks along today!

18 inches, 5 lbs

fat layers continuing to fill her out
central nervous system and lungs are maturing

144 bpm (as of 7/7/11)

Italian food, ice cream

Weight Loss/Gain
Gained 21 lbs (as of 7/7/11)
Only gained one pound in a month!

Side Effects
Hips hurting...still!
Constant leaking. TMI, I know.
A bit of swelling, but it's pretty minor

What I REALLY miss
Sleeping on my back...SO MUCH!
Wearing normal clothes, especially jeans
Making it through the night without getting up multiple times
Being able to stand up without first giving myself a pep talk
Weight Watchers...weird, I know.

What I LOVE!
Watching my tummy move and jump all over the place.
My wonderful husband. He has been so great during this whole process!
Painting original art for her room
Counting down the days and realizing she will be here SOON!

Only six weeks to go!

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