Thursday, July 7, 2011

We had our 32 (33) week appointment this morning. My blood pressure was a teeny bit higher than last Thursday's re-check, but still good. I'm not surprised it was a little higher today because again, I've been overdoing it. Also, I was really nervous waiting for them to take my blood pressure...and we had to wait about 45 minutes, so I had plenty of time for the nerves to kick in! Honestly, though, I'm not worried about it anymore. We're 33 weeks tomorrow and everything looks great. The doctor checked my placenta to see if it had moved, and it did. It was nowhere in sight, so we are clear as far as that goes. No more low-lying placenta!

We got to see sweet Emily again this time, although we couldn't really make much out. The doctor apparently could, though, and she told us Emily has high cheekbones with big cheeks and lots of hair. I was very happy about that! She is 4 lbs, 7 oz, which should put her somewhere around 8 lbs when she's born. Also, she's measuring perfect for her due date. The only not so great thing is that she has decided to turn from our last ultrasound and is now breech. Of course she can still turn, but the bigger she gets, the less likely it is that she'll move. If she stays breech, the doctor would like to do a C-section at 39 weeks, which will be around August 19th. If she turns, we'll obviously go for a regular birth. Until then, I get to have fun doing yoga moves to try to get her to turn. We'll see if she does! I can't really blame her, though. I wouldn't want to be upside down, either.

It's crazy to think that she could possibly be here in six weeks...of course, even if we don't do a C-section, she'll probably be here in around seven weeks. I cannot believe it's getting so close! I remember looking at the little ticker on the top of our blog and thinking it would never get here. Today I washed all of her newborn onesies and receiving blankets. I'm waiting until she's here to wash the rest of her clothes because if Emily turns out to be Andrew, I want to be able to take those clothes back and trade them for boy clothes! Right now, I'm looking for a coming home outfit to bring her home from the hospital in. I'm having a really tough time, though, because it seems like most companies don't make really sweet, girly dresses for newborns. If you have any suggestions for stores, let me know. I feel like I've looked everywhere!

Just a few more things to do and get to be ready for her. As soon as the room is done, I will post pictures!


  1. Have you looked at that Strassburg Children place in Willow Bend? It is next to Nine West shoes. They are expensive, but they have a sale rack that is not too bad, and TONS of super girly, smocked/ruffled outfits.

  2. Dillards has a section of Feltmans for infants that are adorable and old fashioned. Also there is a wonderful store in Denton, called Small Fry. They have a beautiful store of Feltmans with all the little smocked dresses. -Kriss (I've been a long time reader - Fort Worth)