Thursday, August 18, 2011

Friends and Family Shower

On Sunday, August 7th, my grandma hosted a friends and family shower along with several other sweet ladies. This shower consisted mostly of family and friends from South MacArthur as well as a few other special friends. It was our last shower and was absolutely amazing. I began opening gifts the moment it started and didn't stop until after the shower was supposed to be over. Emily was SO blessed by all of these sweet people.

Me at the table.

The awesome cake! You might notice that this matches the tree in Emily's room. Ellen, the artist that painted the mural also does cake art! It tasted even better than it looks!

My grandmother is a very talented floral designer and she did these awesome centerpieces. Beautiful!

Me and Grandma.

Me and Mom.

Opening gifts! On my right is my cousin Julie and on my left is my sweet friend Kim. Julie handed all the gifts to me and Kim wrote it all down for thank you notes. Kim was also one of the hostesses.

Lots of gifts! In this picture is my Granny (Grandma's mom- 97 years old,) my Mawmaw (Dad's mom,) Julie, and me.

My Aunt Kathy, cousin Krystal, Aunt Donna, and Mary Lou, Julie's other grandma.

Look! More gifts!

Some of our sweet guests. All of these ladies are South Mac friends.

More guests.

My Aunt Debbi

Apparently this gift provoked a lot of thought, as evidenced by my face.

Lisa and Sharon, my Dad's cousins. Their mom is my Mawmaw's twin sister.

More fun guests! The woman in the pink chair is Mawmaw's twin, Corrine.

Wendy and Ann. I have been so blessed by these two women for years. I used to babysit Wendy's son Isaiah (he was also our ring bearer) and I interned with her when she was the Children's Minister at South Mac. She and her family just moved back from Minnesota a few days before the shower, so it was very special to have her there! I have known Ann my entire life, but the most meaningful time with her was when I spent five years teaching with her at Lively. The day of the shower was also her birthday, so it was very special that she chose to spend it with me!

Iris and Debbie, both good friends of my mom. I've also known these ladies forever. Literally. Debbie and her husband were like second parents growing up.

I look really happy here. And I was! But what you can't tell is that the reason I'm standing up was to take a break because I was SO hot and needed to air out. :)

There were lots of other sweet friends that were there and lots more pictures. I'll share all of them on Facebook!

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