Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Doctor's Appointments

Emily had her first pediatrician's appointment with Dr. Copeland on August 24th.  She didn't exactly love it, but who loves the doctor?  However, she was just as precious as always!  She was down to 6 lbs and 15 oz at the first visit from her original birth weight of 7 lbs 14 oz.  She was in the 30th percentile with weight, 70th with height, and 50th with head.  Because she had lost 11% of her body weight and they like it to stay above 10%, we had to take her back on the 26th for a weight check.  When we went back on that day, she had gained 2.5 oz to get her up to 7 lbs, 1.5 oz. 

When we took her back for her two week appointment, she was up to 7 lbs, 5.5 oz.   She had also grown an entire inch since her one week appointment to put her at 21.1 inches.  At this appointment, she was in the 25th-30th percentile for weight, 75th-80th percentile for height, and 50th for head.  Long, thin, and not top-heavy!  :)  Can't wait to see where she's at when we go back for our one month!


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