Saturday, October 1, 2011

It's the most wonderful time of the year!  Happy October!  I absolutely love this month and this year I love it even more because I have a sweet baby girl to share it with!

This week has certainly been the hardest of our time with sweet Emily.  On Monday, she decided to start inconsolably crying and screaming almost non-stop.  At least every non-eating, non-sleeping moment, anyway.  This was quite out of the ordinary, because for the five previous weeks, this child almost never cried.  The only time you'd hear a peep out of her mouth was when she was hungry or during her short fussy times each evening.  I hoped that at the end of the day Monday it was just a fluke, but Tuesday was just as bad.  The one blessing out of it all was that she was still sleeping well and not fussing at night.  Wednesday morning was a repeat of the two previous days and I was at my wit's end.  No fever, no spitting up, normal diapers...everything was just as it was when she was a happy baby.  No matter what I did, she wasn't happy.  I thought maybe she was bored, but she didn't want to play.  We certainly were getting a glimpse of the strong willed child we expected to have!  On top of the fact that the screaming isn't fun to listen to, I was worried that she was hurting and there was nothing I could do to help her.

Wednesday afternoon brought some relief, but only because she slept for several hours.  Thankfully, Thursday morning took a turn for the better, and she seemed back to normal.  I had to work pretty hard at keeping her happy, but at least the hard work was paying off.  She was a bit fussy during the afternoon and then she got very fussy again that evening.  I wasn't completely discouraged, though, because evenings had always been her rare fussy times.  On Friday morning she was a bit fussy again, but nothing like she had been.  I was hopeful that she was on the mend.  I had made an appointment to take her to the doctor that afternoon, so I went ahead and took her.  The doctor looked her over and said she couldn't find anything wrong and that she looked perfect (duh!)  She said that it was most likely just the bacterias in her little tummy getting regulated and told me about a probiotic to put her on.  She also mentioned trying gas relief drops several times a day.  I'm not sure what the problem was, but from the time we left our house to go to the doctor up until now, she hasn't had any more screaming fits and has been back to our sweet, quiet Emily.  We are hopeful it isn't colic since it showed up after five weeks and since it seems to have subsided.  I think it was either something I ate that just stayed in my system or like the doctor said, maybe just her tummy regulating.  Either way, we are so thankful that she is doing better and I now have a newfound respect for mommies of colicky or difficult babies.  We have been so incredibly blessed to have had such an easy time as a new family and I am no longer taking that for granted!

And just to show how cute our sweet girl is...


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