Monday, December 19, 2011

Four Months!

It's hard to believe that our darling Emily is already four months old.  Four months sure doesn't sound like much, but it's amazing to see how much she is changing and turning into a little baby girl rather than a newborn.  The fourth month was absolutely wonderful and filled with so much extra fun because of the Christmas season!  This month she has begun playing in her Exersaucer, reaching for toys and anything else in front of her, sitting in her Bumbo without any extra propping, laughing alot, and standing pretty well with just a little assistance from us. ;-)  Here are a few highlights from this month:

  • First vacation:  We took Emily on her first road trip to Fredericksburg and had a great time.  
  • First Thanksgiving:  Although she wasn't able to enjoy and of the yummy food, she did get to experience her first Thanksgiving and the most thankful Thanksgiving of her parents lives.
  • Getting Stronger:  Emily has begun sitting up in her Bumbo, playing in her Exersaucer, and sitting/standing pretty well with assistance from us only to help her balance.  Of course, she can only stand for a few seconds, but it's amazing how strong those little legs are.  
  • DROOL!:  Drool is a constant in our lives these days.  She began chewing on her hands last month and it has only gotten more and more this month.  Her face is constantly wet with drool.  No teeth yet, but they can't be far behind.
  • First babysitters:  Mommy had to go back to work this month, so she spent her first few days away from mommy and daddy.  Although it was difficult for me, she had a great time! 
  • First Christmas light pizza night:  No pictures exist to document it, but this year was Emily's first time to accompany us on our annual pizza and Christmas lights night. 
We visited the doctor on her birthday and we have a healthy girl!  She weighed 14 lbs, 2 oz (60th %,) was 26 1/4 inches long (98th %,) and head was 16 1/4 inches (69th %.)  She is wearing three month clothes and is still in a size one diaper, but definitely needs to move up. 

This is so much fun to put together each month.  She doesn't look like she's grown that much since three months, but she's grown an inch and gained two pounds.  Her face definitely looks older, though.  And once again...

Emily, you are absolutely amazing, incredible, and perfect.  But those words don't even begin to describe what you are to your daddy and me.  You are God's precious gift to me and I will spend the rest of my life loving you.  I can't express the joy that you bring me and how my heart melts when you smile at me.  You are the funniest, happiest, cutest, sweetest baby that has ever lived.  I love you more than life!

A few more pictures from month four:

Cute picture with her BF David.

All dressed up for church

Hanging out with Auntie KK

Playing in the exersaucer like a big girl

Ready for church

Snuggling in our bed.  This was such a fun night!

Checking out that baby in the mirror

Christmas lights

Riding a moose, obviously.

Love of my life.

As precious as it gets.

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