Tuesday, January 24, 2012

First sickness

We have officially survived our first sickness with our sweet baby girl.  Last night I had to go to the school board meeting, so Lucas was with Emily.  He texted me around 7:45 and said I needed to come home because she was screaming and wouldn't stop.  By the time I got home, she was happy again.  I immediately took her upstairs and fed her, then worked on getting her in the bed.  She did NOT want to be swaddled and I literally had to do it about 15 times to get her contained.  She fought me every second of the way.  I thought it was strange, but just wrote it off as her being overly tired.  After she'd been down for about fifteen minutes, we heard her gagging and choking in the monitor.  We rushed into her room to find her covered in spit up, all in her nose and hair and bed.  We got her up out of the bed and started cleaning her up when the serious vomiting began.  After a couple times of it, we called the pediatrician's office and they connected us to the doctor on call who told us what to do. 

She finally quit throwing up around 11:15 and Lucas headed over to the Crandalls house to get some pedialyte.  That poor little baby was so sick that she was limp and just passed out on my chest.  Her temp was very low as compared to where she normally is.  We camped out downstairs in the living room where Lucas slept on the couch and I reclined in one of our armchairs holding her in a sitting up position, but relaxed enough that she could sleep.  Around 3:00, we gave her a few teaspoons of pedialyte, which she kept down.  Around 6:00 I breast fed her and she kept that down, too.  Aside from her just being a bit more sleepy than usual, she was pretty much back to herself by around 8:00 this morning.  We had a day of relaxing and napping and had no more sicky problems at all. 

We are so thankful that it was so short-lived, because it was absolutely awful.  We're not sure where it came from, but we are just glad she is back to normal.  I am so thankful that the Lord was watching over all of us, but especially our Emmylou.  She is our perfect little blessing and we are so grateful to be her parents.