Thursday, July 19, 2012

Eleven months!

It is basically impossible that next month I will be writing a blog post about our one year-old daughter.  Emily is eleven months old.  How did that even happen?  I remember when I went back to work, I thought the summer would never get here.  And now, the summer is halfway over and I'm writing an eleven month blog entry and planning a first birthday party.  This month has been one of the most fun months so far.  She is growing so much and seems like she masters a new skill every day.  Our lives are so much richer because of this little girl.  Month eleven highlights:

  • First bloody injury- This month, Emily has become much more curious and much more mobile.  A bad combination!  While I was baby proofing the living room, she fell and busted her lip.  I'm not sure exactly what she hit, because I wasn't watching her when it happened, but it was either on the floor or the small bit of fireplace that isn't covered.
  • Playing games- Emily has really started playing games this month.  She has learned to click her tongue and likes to play a "call and response" tongue clicking game when we are in the car.   She also has just become much more interactive with the dogs, playing with them.
  • Give me five- We learned give me five this month and she is really good at it!  We are working on clapping right now.
  • Standing alone- Emily still isn't standing alone very much, but she totally can.  Anytime she is standing up and holding a toy with both hands, she thinks she is holding on to something stable and will stand for quite awhile.  As soon as she realizes she's not holding on to something, she sits down immediately.
  • Affection- She has been much more affectionate this month, holding on, patting, and giving hugs and kisses.
  • Eating update- Right now, she is eating pretty much anything we put in front of her, although she much prefers eating with her hands than being spoon fed.
  • Walking with push toy- She has been practicing walking while holding on to her push toy and she does great!
  • Knees- Emily has learned how to sit on her knees and also walk on her knees.  She likes to walk on them while pushing the push toy. 
  • First words- I think we have some official first words.  She's been doing mamamama and dadadada for awhile, but now we have "Hi" with a wave and "ball."
  • Swimming lessons- We did mom and tot swimming lessons this past month and had alot of fun!  She is a little swimmer!
  • Climbing- With increased mobility, she has begun trying to climb.  She can get on top of the fireplace hearth pretty easily, which we obviously try to keep her from doing.
  • Biting- Now that she has so many teeth, she has started biting.  Not surprisingly, it is normally when she isn't getting her way about something.  Her little temper has also begun to show this month!
We are still right around 20 lbs and 30 inches.  Wearing size three diaper and moving into 12 month clothes, although most nine month still fit.  The jammies are always the problem.  She's just so tall!

Unfortunately, we don't have a carseat timeline this month. :(  Can you believe it?  It just didn't happen.  When we did her photoshoot, the carseat wasn't at our house, and right after we went and picked it up, I had some kind of weird allergic reaction and got sidetracked by that.  Next thing we knew, the moment to get the picture had passed.  Oh well.  We'll get one next month!

What to say little girl?  You are truly the love of our lives.  What would we do without you?  We love you more than you know.

Swimming lessons

Big girl seat

Walking...kind of!

Look at those teeth!

Re-fueling after swimming lessons

Super snazzy on the Fourth
First bloody boo-boo...and pretty eyes!

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