Monday, November 19, 2012

Fifteen Months

Another fun and exciting month with our sweet baby girl has passed.  Love that little thing more than life!  Here are some fun 15 month highlights:
  • So many words!  Emily says: hi, bye, happy, midnight (grandparent's cat,) no, go, mama, dada, mimi, papa, and then of course myna, beeda, and memememe. 
  • Loves to dip things.  She started out by dipping chips in queso and has gone on to include dipping any solid food on her plate into any liquid on her plate.  
  • Always wants to be outside.  Emily loves to play outside and most enjoys collecting acorns and walking up and down porch steps.
  • Teeth.  Emily got her two upper canines this month, which brings her to a total of 14.
  • Food:  She has finally begun to eat meat willingly.  She still doesn't always eat it, but most of the time if we offer it to her, she will.
  • From high chair to booster:  Emily can now sit in a booster seat rather than a high chair when we go out to eat.  She thinks she is SO big!
  • Dogs:  Bailey has now begun to come around and Emily is loving both of the dogs.  She loves to pet them, feed them, let them kiss her, and pull their tails.  
  • Follow the leader: Emily's favorite pastime is to grab anyone around by the finger and lead them around the house.  
  • Cheese!  Sometime she will say cheese for the camera.  Only when she wants to, of course.  Such a strong will!
At Emily's 15 month appointment, we were once again reminded that she is HUGE!  She is 33.25 inches, which is off the charts.  Weight is 24 pounds (69%) and head is 18.82 inches (92%.)  Put all this info together and it makes her the size of an average 23 month old.

Breakfast time!  This girl is a GOOD eater.

Eating lunch with good friends.
Following in Daddy's footsteps

Pumpkin patch

Doing the cake walk with Papa at Trunk or Treat

Watching Babas (Backyardigans) at work with Daddy

Halloween with mommy

Saying "cheese" in her outfit from Aunt Kimmy

Isn't this the right way to wear a bib?
Playing at the park

Sweet tea drinking girl

Gathering acorns

Emily's new hat

Beautiful girl

First haircut

Calculating is serious business!

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