Sunday, December 2, 2012

Christmas Challenge Day 2

For today's challenge, I was supposed to ask someone to guest blog for me.  Since I only decided yesterday to participate, I didn't have time to bribe swindle talk someone into blogging for me.  So in the time I would've taken to do that, I instead organized all of Emily's outgrown clothes and put them away in bins, got the Christmas presents moved out of the dining room, and finished my Christmas shopping online.  Pretty good accomplishments for a Sunday afternoon!  I mean, I could've been napping.  (Yeah, right!)

If you'd like to participate in the challenge, the topics are:

1.       Christmas Music

2.       Invite someone to guest blog about their holiday thoughts

3.       Christmas Pictures

4.       Christmas Tree

5.       Community Christmas traditions

6.       Looking at lights

7.       Finish this sentence: “Its Christmas When…” or “It feels like Christmas once…”

8.       Your Christmas charity of choice?

9.       What do you wish you did for Christmas that you don’t do

10.   Your thoughts on Elf on a Shelf. 

11.   Advent

12.   Favorite Christmas carol and memory tied to it. 

13.   Favorite Christmas cookie – share the recipe

14.   Christmas Ornaments

15.   What about Christmas makes you say Bah – Humbug?

16.   Gifts

17.   Go to Christmas beverage  – share your recipe

18.   Stocking stuffer ideas

19.   How has Christmas changed from your nostalgic view as a kid to your view as an adult?

20.   Christmas

21.   Nativity

22.   Christmas around the world

23.   One gift you are anticipating getting – one gift you are anticipating giving

24.   Christmas Eve Traditions and Christmas morning traditions

25.   Christmas Day Scattergories – I’ll post the topics

26.   Did you have to take something back?

27.   Its over now what?

28.   How long do you stay with your family?

29.   When do you take down the tree?

30.   New Year’s Eve traditions

31.   What’s your wish, dream, plan, goal for the new year?

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