Monday, June 24, 2013

Ashlynn Update

It's hard to believe that in just a little over six weeks, Ashlynn will be here!  This pregnancy is still going great!  For the most part, things with Ashlynn have been pretty similar to things with Emily.  The biggest difference I have noticed is that Ashlynn tends to move much more than Emily did.  According to my doctor, that is due to the fact that with Emily my placenta was on the front, whereas this time it is on the back.  Because of that, Ashlynn is right up against the outside of my tummy which makes it easier to feel her.  I am thankful for that, because lack of movement was something I remember constantly worrying about with Emily.  Another minor difference is that so far I have had no blood pressure issues (which I had already begun to have at this point with Emily) and no real swelling to speak of.  I believe both of these are due mostly to me having been much more active this pregnancy.  I've been doing Jazzercise three days most weeks, whereas with Emily I really wasn't doing anything.  I have gained a little bit more weight at this point with Ashlynn than I had with Emily, but it's pretty minimal.  I am so thankful for another healthy pregnancy.  We are almost to 32 weeks and have the birth scheduled for August 9 at 7:30 am unless she decides to come sooner!  We love you little Ashlynn Kate and we can't wait to meet you!

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  1. I love the name Ashlynn! That's my sister in law's name! :) And I'm sooo glad you don't have to deal with blood pressure issues! Praying you have an easy, safe delivery! :)