Monday, September 9, 2013

Ashlynn One Month

Happy One Month to our sweet baby girl!  It seems like just yesterday we were bringing your baby sister home and now here you are!  It is amazing how the Lord has blessed us.  You are just the sweetest baby.  You came into the world crying something fierce and I thought that might be an omen of things to come.  Not so!  You have been just precious and sweet and easy.  I never worried that I wouldn't love you as much as your sister.  Although I didn't know how it would happen, I knew that I would.  And love you I do!  You are amazing and my heart has expanded to twice the size it was before you arrived.  We love you more than life!

One month stats
8 lbs (10th percentile)
22.5 inches (91st percentile)

What a month it has been!  Ashlynn is truly an easy baby.  She eats, she sleeps, and she oozes precious all over the place.  We were so blessed to have Mimi with us for the first week and Grandma and Grandpa Takala with us for the two weeks after that.  Things with Ashlynn have been wonderful.  Emily adores her and there hasn't been even a hint of jealousy.  Ashlynn rarely cries unless she is hungry or tired.  When she does though, watch out!  She has one volume: LOUD!  The only little issue we have had this month is that Ashlynn is a lazy eater, so she hasn't been gaining weight as quickly as we would like.  The problem is compounded by the fact that the nurse in the delivery room did not do a good job weighing and measuring her.  When she was born, we were told she was 8 lbs 5 oz and 19 inches.  The next day, she was 7 lbs 6 oz and 21 inches.  Clearly babies don't lose a pound and grow two inches in a day.  So, we really don't know what her proper birth weight was.  The doctor wasn't concerned with her slow weight gain, but I was!  We're going in for regular weight checks and working on nursing more and keeping her awake.  She'll be fine, she just certainly isn't a chunky one!  This month Ashlynn went to church for the first time, as well as shopping and out to eat.  She also attended her first birthday party- her sister's!  These past few days Ashlynn has become very fussy as you will see in her official one month picture.  She wasn't feeling the photo shoot and the one you see above is actually one of the best ones we got!  Hopefully it isn't colic, but only time will tell.  We're adjusting to life with two babies, but thanks to all the help we've had this month, it hasn't been bad.  It certainly isn't easy, but it's not as hard as I thought it might be.  Overall, it's been a great month with our new little love!

I forgot to put the bunny in her picture when we first brought her home, but we are starting it with month one.  I can't wait to see how she grows this first year!  Here are a few more pictures of our first month together:

Riding home from the hospital

We're home!

About to go in the house
I love my rock and play!
First pediatrician appointment

Getting checked out

First chiropractic adjustment with Dr. Kisha

This is fun!

Visiting Mawmaw

Meeting Aunt Kimmy

First sponge bath

Warm and toasty

After her bath with Mimi and Mommy

Grandma T and Ashlynn

Not loving the bath thing

After bath with Mommy

with Grandpa T


sweet girl

just chillin'

Not feeling the photoshoot

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