Thursday, December 30, 2010

I'm so sad that this break is almost over. It has flown by! It has been somewhat relaxing, but mostly busy. Tonight we had rehearsal up at church for our re-launch this Sunday. We'll be moving our instrumental service from the FLC into the sanctuary, which is bittersweet. We are going to miss this last season of being in that room with those people, but this is going to be good, too. It's really going to be good for the church. Exciting times, for sure!

I know that so far all I've really written about is baby stuff, but this blog will definitely be about more than just that. While I want our baby to certainly be a focus of the blog, I also want it to be a journal of our life, day by day. My old blog was an excellent journal for several years until I met a boy and started a business. Those two things coupled together basically signaled the beginning of the end of my sweet old blog. Although I still posted occasionally, it's nowhere near I would've liked to. I promise not to let the time pass by without posting on here. It's certainly important for chronicling our little family's history and sharing our lives with family and friends.

Tomorrow is New Year's Eve. We are planning for a very low key celebration. After we drop Lucas's parents off at the airport, I'm most definitely taking a nap. I need it! Brett and Rachel are coming in tomorrow evening, so I'll make my famous queso to take over to Mom and Dad's where we'll just have a nice evening in with the family. Saturday morning we'll get up and celebrate our final Christmas of the year. It's so strange to think that we will have our little one with us at Christmas next year!

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