Tuesday, December 28, 2010

This Christmas break continues to be one of the greatest Christmases ever. We got to share our exciting news again yesterday when Lucas's grandparents arrived. I don't think we'll ever get sick of saying it! I absolutely cannot wait to share the news with all of our friends! We still haven't gotten to tell my brother and his wife, but we will be sharing the news on Friday night. Although I was bummed that they weren't here with us on Christmas, it actually worked out perfectly, because now they will be with us for our baby's first Christmas next year!

Although it still hasn't really hit me, this baby is certainly becoming more of a reality each day. I called and made my first pre-natal appointment yesterday, which was so weird. I'll be going in on January 12th, which is one day before I'll be at eight weeks. I'm not sure exactly what they'll do other than bloodwork, but it would be nice if we could hear the heartbeat that day. We shall see!

Today I went to Babies R Us with Jackie (Lucas's mom) and Abby (Lucas's sister) just to take a look around. We had lots of fun looking at all of the baby gear! Before long, I'll actually have to be registering for all of that fun stuff. I've spent LOTS of money on baby gifts for my girlfriends, so it's strange to think that now I'll be on the receiving end. We also went to Mardel where I bought several books for expectant moms. I'm excited to get to reading those! Jackie bought "My First Christmas" onesies and hats for Baby T and Baby S.

I'm hoping that tomorrow will be a relaxing day. I sure need it! So far, I'm feeling really good. The tiredness hasn't seemed to be as prevalent, but that may just be because I'm getting a little more sleep. Also, the heartburn that I had for a couple days hasn't come back, which is good. I've heard that the morning sickness tends to start around six weeks, which is in just two days. Hopefully it will stay away from me!

I can't wait to go public with this blog! We are so ready to share our good news with the world!

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