Sunday, December 26, 2010

Christmas this year was definitely one of the best Christmases ever. It was so much fun to get to tell both sides of the family that a new baby is coming! On Mom's side, there is only me, my brother, and one cousin who is about 20 years younger than me, so obviously this is very exciting to everyone. Our baby will be the first great-grandbaby/great-niece or nephew. On Dad's side, there are eight grandkids and already three great-grandkids, so the news wasn't quite as exciting over there, but still a happy announcement nonetheless.

After leaving my parents house yesterday, we went over to Lucas's sister's apartment to meet up with his parents who just arrived from Ohio. We broke the news to them the same way we broke the news to my parents, and his mom absolutely flipped out! It was so much fun to hear her reaction! The only family we haven't gotten to tell yet is my brother and sister-in-law. They are coming in on Friday night for the weekend, so we'll be sharing the good news with them then! As sad as I was that they weren't there this year, I'm REALLY glad they'll be with us next Christmas for our baby's first!

Today, we headed back over to Abby and Chuck's to spend some more time with Lucas's parents and I had lots of fun looking at baby furniture and bedding on my new iPad. I also downloaded three baby apps that give me all kinds of fun daily information. Right now, the baby is either the size of a sweet pea, an orange seed, or a sesame seed, depending on what website you're looking at. :) Regardless, our baby is growing quickly and we are EXCITED! It did hit me tonight that somehow this baby is going to have to come out of my body, but I'm just trying to push those thoughts aside for now!

I'm hoping to spend lots of time relaxing this week, which may be a bit difficult since we'll be spending most of our time entertaining family, but I think I can squeeze a few naps in here and there. I'm still feeling pretty good with the exception of some mild heartburn every now and then. I also haven't been sleeping very well. Both of these were things that I thought would hold off a bit longer, but I guess everyone is different!

I'm off to bed now. I need to get some sleep since I'll be getting up bright and early tomorrow morning to prepare for Lucas's parents coming to stay with us for a few days! I hope everyone else had a Christmas as wonderful as ours!


  1. I too thought a lot of symptoms would not show up so quickly but they did. :) I had a book called The Pregnancy Journal (it has a very cheesy cover but try to overlook that) that I really enjoyed reading each night to see what was happening with me and the sweet babe. One of my good friends also gave me the great suggestion of using it as a way of praying for my baby each day.

  2. p.s. We did our childbirth classes with a lady I know from my old school rather than in a big group at the hospital. We loved her and she made me feel MUCH more at peace about the whole birthing process. If you want any info about her, let me know. Kelly