Wednesday, January 12, 2011

The first doctor visit

Well, we made it through the first doctor's visit. Jenny was so nervous when we got there. When the doctor came in, she pretty much immediately went to the sonogram. I started video taping the process so we could see the moment when we saw the baby on the sonogram. Well, we didn't see it immediately, the doctor asked me to stop the video.....which was a big mistake. I could tell as soon as she said that, Jenny went into panic attack mode. But, we could hear the heartbeat, so I wasn't all that worried about it. The doc decided Jenny needed to empty her bladder so we could get a better picture of the baby. Sure enough, after she did, we could see the baby pretty clearly. I did at least get it on video, so we can hear that heartbeat loud and clear. Just a moment of panic, but lots of relief and excitement once we heard that heartbeat.

It's hard to believe there's a little person growing inside of her right now. We got to see the baby kinda squirm around a bit and could see the heart fluttering. Very exciting stuff! Here are a couple of of Jenny and I outside the doctor's office, and the other of the baby of course. It looks like the Klingons are attacking the Starship Enterprise, but it's all we have for now. :-)

With Jenny's permission, I'm going to post the video of hearing the heartbeat later. Since she's naked from the waste down, I gotta get the all clear first. :-)


  1. It's so hard to believe that our baby is having a baby! Jenny showed us the video of the sonogram when she came by tonight. How excited David and I were to see the first home movies of our grandchild! This is going to be so much fun. Lucas, thank you for filming the visit and for posting the pictures for us to enjoy!

  2. Mimi and I are so very blessed. God is Good! We have looked forward to this time in our lives and are so excited that it's here. Lucas/Jenny that's the most beautiful/handsome 7 week sonogram I have ever seen. Ya'll are good!

    Love you,

  3. What an exciting time for all of us. Thank you, Lucas, for filming for us to see and hear. We are so happy for you both.

    Grandma and Grandpa

  4. I love that you threw in a Star Trek reference. You are awesome. How can you not be a rockin' father??? I'm SO excited for you both! Love the pics!!!