Thursday, June 16, 2011

Passed my test!

Glucose test, that is. I'm assuming I passed, anyway. The doctor told me she'd let me know the following day if I failed, and it's been a week with no news. I think that means I'm good! We have been so blessed with no real issues this whole pregnancy. The only thing I've been able to complain about is my hips hurting at night. I still have ten weeks to go, so we're praying things stay as calm and wonderful as they have been.

I also finished my graduate school Capstone exam. Hallelujah! They give you seven full days to do it and I finished in three and a half. I wasn't expecting it to go so quickly, but I'm glad it did! I was worried that pregnancy brain would cause me to not think clearly, but I did just fine. I should find out sometime around July 5th if I passed or not. If I didn't, I get to do it again in the fall...with a baby. I'm not too worried about passing, though. All that's left now is to complete these last two classes and take my TExES exam, which is for state certification. I'll graduate on August 12th, although I certainly will not be walking across the stage.

Our second childbirth class was a bit more exciting than the first. We learned all about the birthing process and got to watch a video on natural childbirth. The best part of the class is the last 20 minutes when the husbands have to practice relaxation techniques (massage) with us. I will miss that when the class is over!

Now that things have slowed down a bit, I'm ready to get this nursery finished! Lucas is going to put together the changing table tonight. After that, we just need to sand and re-paint the glider and ottoman, then get the bookshelf ordered and assembled. Once that's done, it will be time to put on the finishing touches. I can't wait!

Only ten weeks to go!

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  1. Have you tried seeing a chiropractor for your hips? It's one of the things I wished I had done last time around that I am doing this time around! It's been amazingly helpful already (with nausea and the like).