Monday, August 15, 2011

More Baby Showers

I know these are a bit delayed, but better late than never! I couldn't just not document my wonderful baby showers, so I'm going back to add these in before I blog about my most recent ones. In May, I had my first of many baby showers. The very first one was on May 19th and was thrown by my Pierce ECS friends. I got tons of great stuff and it was so much fun for my very first baby shower!

Some of the awesome gifts.

The cake.

My friends Marcela and Whitney, Me and Mom.

Kim, Me, and Sandy. These girls and Whitney put most of the shower together.

Mom and Me

Opening gifts.

Emily's first bow!

The second shower was on May 26th and was thrown by Lorie Squalls, my ITS coordinator, several friends from the ITS and Library world, and my wonderful Lively Elementary family. If you don't know the story, here it is in a nutshell. My grandpa was principal at Lively when I was born. They threw him a grandpa shower. Six years later, I began first grade at Lively. In 2005, I returned to Lively to teach. In 2009, I left Lively to become a Librarian/ITS at Pierce. In 2011, I had my own baby shower in the very same room where a shower was thrown 30 years prior in my honor. Pretty cool, huh? I hate that I didn't get better pictures at this shower. I wish I'd gotten pictures with all of the hostesses as well as posed pictures with old friends and teachers, but I didn't. Here are a few that I thought I'd share.

The yummy spread!

A few friends.

The quilt my great-grandmother made for Emily.

Most awesome face ever.

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