Sunday, October 30, 2011

Decade Number Three

Today is my 30th birthday.  To be honest, things are feeling a bit surreal right now.  I've been really excited about it because this past year has been so wonderful and so many things have been accomplished that I had hoped for by my 30th birthday.  Then again, how did this happen?  30?  I remember my 10th birthday party like it was yesterday.  And college couldn't have been more than just a few days ago.  No matter how I'm feeling about it, it's happening and I am so incredibly thankful for everything God has done over the past 30 years and all the things He will continue to do in my life.  Here is a short recap of the past ten years.  By no means is this everything that has happened, or even every important thing that has happened.  There are quite a few disappointments and regrets during this decade, as well.  These pictures are, however, some really great highlights of the last ten years.  This has certainly been the biggest decade of my life and while I don't think my 30's can top it, I can't wait to see what will be added to my story over the next ten years.

I started my 20's as a sophomore at ACU.  September 11th had occurred only one short month earlier and pledging had just ended.  I was living in Sikes Dormitory room 203 at ACU.  The most exciting things really began to happen the next year as a junior, living in a cute little house at 1509 Squire's with Melody Forest and Jennifer Ellison.

February 2003- I directed GATA Sing Song, "There's No Business Like Snow Business," which was the last time GATA placed until Sing Song 2011.
February 2004- Sing Song Hostess.  This was a serious dream come true, and especially sweet after dropping music as a major because I felt like the music department didn't think I was good enough for their program.  Just because I wasn't good at opera didn't mean I wasn't good, and this was sweet confirmation of that
December 2004- ACU Graduation.  Such bittersweet memories.  I wanted to stay  in Abilene so badly.  I wonder how my life would be different if I had.
December 2004- I adopted my sweet girl, Bailey Belle.  She is the best dog ever and a wonderful big sister!
January 2005- Began my first big girl job, teaching first grade at the elementary school I attended.
May 2006- I purchased my first home, a perfect little one bedroom townhouse in north Irving.
June 2006- Lucas and I met.
August 2006- Lucas and I were engaged two months after we met.  Yes, we were insane.
March 2007- Lucas and I were married at Las Colinas Country Club
February 2008- I began my small business, Pink Armchair Designs.
May 2008- We purchased our first home together after selling the townhouse and living with my parents for about a month.
February 2009- Lucas surprised me with this sweet little bundle of energy, Maggie Mae.
Summer 2009- Began co-leading worship at church on a regular basis.
August 2009- Began working as a school librarian.
June 2009- I began working on my Masters degree in Library Science and graduated in August 2011.

August 2011- Our sweet little angel, Emily Elizabeth was born. 

I ended my 20's as a married mother of one precious baby girl with a home-based business, a job as a librarian, and a Master's degree.  Here's to the next ten years!

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  1. You've have a wonderful life, very blessed. Here's to the next 50 years or more!! Happy Birthday, Alice Ketchersid