Saturday, October 29, 2011

Grapevine Main Street and the Pumpkin Patch

Today mom and I bundled up our little baby and set out to shop Grapevine Main Street.  It's one of my favorite places to go and the day was just perfect for it.  We found tons of cute baby and little girl things, but I controlled myself.  Believe me, it was tough!  Mom got Emily a really cute flower clip and I bought her one of her Christmas presents.  Mom and I also got a few treats for ourselves at Blessed Boutique, one of my favorite shops on Main Street.  It was so much fun for the three of us to go shopping together and as usual, tons of people were fawning over our precious little one. Shopping trips are just one of the many reasons I was hoping for a little girl.  :)

Tonight we had an early birthday dinner for me and then took Emily for her first visit to the pumpkin patch.  We visited Hall's Pumpkin Farm in Grapevine and had a wonderful time!  I highly recommend this pumpkin patch and absolutely cannot wait to go back next year when Emily will be able to take it all in.  This patch has a corn maze, hay rides, kettle corn, bbq, picnic tables, twinkle lights, and tons of cute picture setups.  I'm so glad we waited until this weekend because the weather was just perfect!  There was a crisp chill to the air and it certainly felt like Autumn.  Emily enjoyed it as much as any 10 week old could, but probably not nearly as much as the rest of us! 

Emily's first time in the stroller without her carrier.  What a big girl!

Our little family.  Look at that double chin!  (On the baby.) :)

Fun decorations and great setups for pictures all over the pumpkin patch

Mimi and Papa with Emily.  They only like her a little bit.

Mimi, Mommy, and Emmy

Sweet baby girl

Pondering in the pumpkins

If you're looking for a pumpkin patch in the DFW area, Hall's is open for two more days.  You'll love it!


  1. First of all, Jennifer, YOU are gorgeous! Second, you have SUCH a cutie pie baby! I love all of her facial expressions. So adorable.

  2. Love these pictures! Her shirt is adorable! I'm glad the weather was so good!