Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Tummy Time!

I try to be a good mom and to be completely honest here, I think I'm doing a great job.  Most of this is probably due to my really amazing baby and the mercy of an even more amazing God, but regardless, Emily and I are jiving really well together.  One of my great downfalls, however, is tummy time.  I'm not good about doing it.  To be honest, I can probably count on two hands the number of times I've sat down with the little one to work on tummy skills.  It's not because I don't want to, it's just because she generally doesn't like it.  Also, she spits up when I lay her flat after she has eaten and by the time her tummy has settled enough to play, she's asleep.  So, our moments of tummy time, or even jungle gym time, are no more than once a day.

I've gotten a little bit better about it lately, though, and we're doing tummy time for about three minutes every day.  (Tummy time is important for babies to strengthen their neck and to encourage rolling and crawling.  In the past, it wasn't necessary due to babies sleeping on their stomachs, but now, due to stomach sleeping being a risk factor for SIDS, babies are sleeping on their backs.  Therefore, we do tummy time.)  The past few times we have done it, she has started to get really good!  She has always been pretty strong, which is why I think she's doing well despite lack of concerted effort.  She has been putting weight on her legs/pushing off since she was about a month old, which is more like a three or four month milestone.  She's been holding up her head pretty good for a long time, as well, although she still bobbles a bit.

The other day we snapped a few pictures of Emily during tummy time.  She was doing so good and we were so proud!  During today's tummy time, she was actually pushing up with her arms.  I can't believe my baby is getting so big!

Wow!  My head is staying up!

Look at me, Mom!

I can go even higher!

Okay, one more picture.  But only one!

I'm getting kind of tired.
Told you so.
What's the big deal?


  1. Jennifer, it does sound like you are doing a great job AND as one of my friends likes to say whenever we're discussing something that one of our kids maybe isn't totally rocking out on, they'll all be able to do xyz by kindergarten! Kids just do different things at different times and it all comes out in the wash. :) Kelly

  2. Your comments are awesome! I want to put a little Santa hat on her and make her an elf! She is that cute!!!