Saturday, December 17, 2011

Grapevine Christmas

Christmas has always been a fun time of year for me and this year with Emily has been just twice as much fun as any year before.  We met up with our friends Brian and Emily and their son Evan to go visit Grapevine Main Street and see their Christmas light display.  Brian and I go back all the way to his birth, pretty much and he is one of the smartest people I've ever known.  He moved off to New York to go to NYU and become a rock star lawyer, meeting Emily (also a rock star lawyer) while he was there, and they have just recently moved back to Texas.  Anyway, no trip to Main Street is complete without dinner at Esparza's, so we made that our first stop.  After dinner, we walked over to the park area where they have a light display that is synced with music.  It was so much fun!  It was just cool enough to have to bundle up, but not miserably cold.  Emily wasn't 100% sure what to do with everything, but I think she had a good time.  I'm sure her favorite part was the Christmas tree singing "Mr. Grinch."

Evan and Emily.  This was her expression most of the night. :)

All bundled up and ready for the lights.

Me and my baby girl.

Evan dancing in the gazebo.

Something was very surprising.

Such a precious little angel.

Emmy and daddy

Our little family

The Johnstons

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