Wednesday, September 12, 2012

How Great is Our God

On August 19, 2011, just a few hours after Emily was born and all of the family had gone, I held my daughter and sang over her for the first time.  It was a holy moment, one I will never forget.  In preparation for the arrival of our sweet girl, I purchased an album called Sing Over Me, a compilation of worship songs and lullabies by several leading female worship artists.  This album found its way into my hospital bag and was the background for some of our first alone time together as our new little family of three.  As the song "How Great is Our God" came on, I began to sing, overwhelmed of the song's truth as I looked at her precious little face.

On August 19th, 2012, I found myself back in a place I never again thought I would be- at least not for more than a Sunday visit here or there.  As I stood among the worshipers at the South Mac Church, the church I was born into, the worship leader began to play "How Great is Our God."  Again, I felt the overwhelming truth as I held my daughter on her first birthday and remembered that amazing feeling of singing over her for the first time, exactly one year before.  I know it was a sweet message from God that he sees me, knows me, loves me, and cares for me in a way that just a few hours previously was unfathomable.

After tonight's bedtime routine- bottle, Bible story, prayer, and songs, I wasn't ready to put sweet Emily down yet.  The past few weeks have been harder than normal with multiple molars coming in, a transition from crawling to walking, a shifting nap schedule, and a baby who REALLY wants to communicate with us, but just hasn't found the words yet.  With all the daytime craziness, the serenity and predictability of the bedtime routine is comforting, both to me and to her.  Tonight she snuggled just a bit closer than normal and with her arms up around my shoulders, patted me so sweetly.  Of course, the song that immediately came to mind was "How Great is Our God," so I began to sing.  As I came to the chorus, my sweet angel joined in.  It's something she's been doing often in the past week or so, but tonight was the first time I had sung her this song since she has found her "singing voice."  It was a precious gift and again, one that I will not forget.  The first time for us to sing our special song together.

Thank you, Jesus, for reminding me again of how much you love me.  I am so unworthy, but forever grateful.


  1. How special, Jennifer! I'm tearing up reading this.

  2. love that CD so much.
    love these sweet moments with your precious girl.
    and love that family I love gets to worship with y'all and vice-versa!