Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Thirteen Months

Month thirteen has been much crazier than I anticipated!  It seems like the last few months rolled along pretty smoothly, but this month has rocked Emily's world...and ours, too.  We had some rough times this month, but good ones, too.  The first molar started coming in the day after her birthday and that coupled with the transition from crawler to walker has been rough.  We had one really bad week, but other than that, she's doing great.  Emily is growing and changing so much every day!  Due to an  active toddler, we're changing the monthly post format to make it easier and quicker for mom.  I hope she'll forgive me when she's grown, looking back at the blog!  Here are a few notable events from this past month:

  •  SERIOUS personality:  I don't know why we would ever be surprised, but as soon as she turned a year, she decided to go full toddler on us.  She is still sweet as sugar when she wants to be, but scowls alot at people she doesn't know and gives us much more attitude than before.  It can be exasperating, but I'm so glad she's a pistol!
  • More teeth- already!: This month, we got our first two top molars, which brings us to a total of ten teeth!
  • Peek-a-boo improvements:  Instead of putting the blanket over her head, she now likes to cover her eyes with her hands to play "Where's Emily?"
  • Milk:  Drinking cow's milk and loves it!  She especially loves it when Hershey's syrup finds its way into the cup.  We are down to only one bottle at night, but it's only four ounces.  Soon it will be gone.
  • First ponytail:  She finally has enough hair for a ponytail and it is SO cute!  Very Pebbles-esque.
  • Sign language:  Can sign "all done" and "more."  She loves "all done," but when I try to get her to sign "more," she typically shakes her head no and squeals.  She has signed it on her own a few times, but only when it's her idea.
  • Food: Added peanut butter this month and LOVES it!  I mean, what's not to love?  She also added french toast and scrambled eggs.  Basically, she eats anything.  So far she consistently refuses refried beans, but that's about it.
  • Singing and Dancing:  She loves to sing with me.  When I sing her bedtime songs, she tries to sing along by humming.  She also loves to sway and bop to the music.  Cutest thing ever.
  • WALKING!!!:  Although she started taking steps last month, she was not an official walker until September 11th.  Since that day, she hasn't looked back.  She is getting really good at it and fast, too!  I know running isn't too far off.
She's around 23 pounds and still wearing twelve month clothes and a size three diaper.  She wears 18 month PJs sometimes, because they're a bit more roomy.  Our girl is tall!

Our sweet girl the day after her birthday

First official ponytail!

Watching Daddy mow the yard

Having fun with MawMaw

Attempting to feed herself

Makes a better chair than toy basket, apparently.

First Spaghetti experience.  Love at first bite.

There's that cute pony again.

First trip to the park.  The tantrum that followed was epic.

How could that face belong to a stinker?

Did I say ponytail?  I meant tailfeather.

Our least favorite Emily face.  We saw it for about seven days straight.

Playing with fun birthday toys

First time in the big girl bath!

Bubbles!  A special bathtime treat.

First thing in the morning.  She loves that car!

Music must always be playing when she rides it.  In this picture, the music had stopped.  That's why she's pushing the yellow key and scowling.  At least she knows how to turn it back on herself!

Did I mention that she loves this thing?

Our sweet little walker

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