Tuesday, December 21, 2010

At 6:15 this morning, I found out that I'm going to be a mom for the first time! For the past few days, I've been very tired and that, coupled with the obvious main sign of pregnancy, led me to be more than just a little suspicious. Not wanting to get my hopes up, though, I decided to wait until this morning to take a test. After waking up at 5:00 and laying in bed for an hour, I finally couldn't wait any longer. I got up, grabbed the box, and headed to the bathroom. I couldn't believe my eyes with the test showed POSITIVE! I guess I had just prepared myself that it might take us a long time to get pregnant, and after not getting pregnant the first month we tried, I just wasn't really expecting it to happen this month, either. My very first thought was "Thank You, God" and then I lost it. Lucas could hear me crying from the other room and ran in to see what was wrong. We hugged each other and kind of freaked out a little (which we're still doing) and that was that!

Obviously the reality of it hasn't hit yet. I'm pregnant. I keep saying it to myself and looking at the test to make sure it still has a plus sign and every time I've looked, it's still been there. :) I think Lucas and I are both kind of in shock even though we planned it. We haven't told anyone yet, but we're planning to tell my parents tomorrow night and his parents on Christmas night when they arrive from Ohio. Other than that and possibly one or two very close friends, we are going to wait at least until we hear the heartbeat. Tomorrow I'll be calling Dr. Staud to make my first appointment as an expectant mother!

Right now, we're four weeks along and Baby Takala is the size of a poppy seed. Our due date is at the end of August, sometime between the 26th and the 29th. Please pray with us that this pregnancy will be easy on mommy and baby, that there will be no medical problems, and that we will deliver a beautiful, healthy baby at the end of the summer!

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