Thursday, September 1, 2011


We got to bring our sweet Emily home from the hospital on August 22.  After all of the weekend's visitors, it was a nice morning in the hospital with just me and Lucas.  Both my doctor and Emily's doctor came in and checked us over and said we were good to go.  After that the nurses came in and discharged both of us.  My daddy took the day off to come up and help us get everything home and we were so glad to have him there.  We never would've made it home with all of our stuff and our sweet gifts if he hadn't been with us. 

When we arrived home, the amazing Kaylane had a big sign in our yard with balloons welcoming baby Emily.  My dad also gave us a sweet Jellycat stuffed alligator that he had bought for Emily that morning.  It was so wonderful to be home with our sweet baby, settling into life together as a family of three.

 Dad holding Emily while we got ready to leave the hospital.

  Lucas posing with our sweet Emily in her car seat.

 Me with Emily...pardon my chopped off head.

 Our family of three.

 A little angel on our doorstep.

 Precious baby girl

 The awesome sign welcoming us home

 Me and daddy with his sweet granddaughter

Lucas, Emily, and big sister Maggie.  She is obsessed with the baby!  
Big sister Bailey isn't quite so interested.

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  1. So so cute and sweet. Cute that Maggie is so interested. Sakura really wasn't other than staring at us when Darius would cry like "why is he making that noise?" haha. Congrats again!